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At Crisp Air Ltd we offer a design and installation service to the highest standard and will work with you to create a climate controlled environment tailored to your needs and to your budget. Call our friendly team today and find out more about our products and services 01737 483552

we offer a vast selection of machines from reputable manufacturers to ensure we can always find the right choice to keeping you cool but also not compromising on the design. Whether your looking for a modern stylish wall mounted system to compliment the interior décor of your home or a more hidden machine that will provide you with year round climate control from the touch of a button. The design team at Crisp Air will find a solution where others may not, Thanks to our innovative design ideas and highly experienced engineers we have you covered.

Split Air Conditioning Wall Mounted Style 

Highly efficient split air conditioning systems provide superior style, performance, and versatility while optimising energy efficiency and lowering CO2 emissions and energy costs. Ideal for single rooms, split air conditioners can be connected to one outdoor unit, thus making a matching pair.

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Multi-Split Air Conditioning

Operating in the same way as a single-split system, a multi-split system enables a number of indoor units to be individually controlled from a single outdoor unit. This system provides the ideal solution for cooling and heating a number of areas while minimising the external space required for the outdoor unit. The amount of indoor units that can be added to a single outdoor unit are determined by your duty required, the higher the duty inside per room leads to less machines that can be added on the outside machine.

These can be combined with different sizes and styles to create the perfect solution, for instance you could have one ducted machine hidden inside your loft, one wall mounted style system in your lounge and one floor standing machine in your conservatory all on a single outside machine. One thing to remember, you can only have one mode on all the machines at the same time, for example if one machine is on heating then the whole system must be on heating mode. You cannot have simultaneous hot and cold in separate rooms. For that capability it requires a different machine. For more information regarding what machines can be put onto a multi split please get in touch.

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Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted air conditioning provides climate-controlled comfort with a hidden finish , a great way to have air conditioning in your home if your after a design which is sleek and unnoticeable to the eye. The systems can be installed into a new build or renovation project during the building stage to keep all services and machines concealed into walls or ceilings. We can also tailor to suit any existing property or premises with some small building works to create the concealed look.

The indoor unit is located within the ceiling void, loft space or hidden behind a false wall. We have also been known to hide these inside wardrobes and kitchen cupboards. Flexible ducting distributing conditioned air through grills located in allocated areas throughout your building. These are also a great design idea for property's with limited wall space as the machines can be put in to the loft, small grills placed into the ceiling feeding the desired rooms. Services run along inside the loft to an external wall at the other end of the property, great for if you live in a terraced or semi detached property where the outside machine cannot be placed directly behind where no external wall space is available.