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At Crisp Air Conditioning we specialise in servicing and maintaining your new or existing Air Conditioning equipment. From carrying out your routine maintenance on lounge or bedroom units to large PPM contracts on commercial premises, we will always deliver on our promise to give you peace of mind that your equipment will not let you down. Call our dedicated team to find out how we can assist you 01737 483552

Planned preventative service and maintenance contracts are important to prolonging the life span and efficency of any air conditioning or refrigeration system. Having regular maintenance to suit your machines needs will bring real benefits to system reliabiity, help keeps running cost to a minimum and reduces the likelyhood of breakdowns. This also means any early signs of faults can be rectified before expensive costs occur and minnimise down time.


We cannot stress enough the advantage that air conditioning systems will have when they are regularly maintained. Our engineers can utilise their vast experience and can determine whether a particular part is near the end of its serviceability and advise that it be replaced to avoid the unit breaking down when you most need it.

Servicing of your unit needs to happen roughly every year to keep your heat pump operating efficiently also to uphold the manufactures warranty. A heat pump service will include an engineer taking a look at the system to make sure it is still running as efficiently as it should be, checking for leaks and any other signs of wear and tear and providing the unit with a good professional clean with the correct chemical (Please note using incorrect chemicals on the fins and components can ruin you heat pump). Condensate and drain trays flushed through, Filters cleaned or replaced as necessary to keep the air that passes through crisp, clean and odour free.

Additional recommendations Cleaning of the indoor unit filters on a monthly bases by yourselves will help keep it running on top form. This can be shown how to be done, by a member of our team upon commissioning of your newly installed unit.

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Regular maintenance will help keep your air conditioning system working as it should. This will reduce the likelihood of breakdowns, negating the need for costly repairs in the future.

The frequency of maintenance visits that should be scheduled for your air conditioning system depends on a number of factors:

  • Periods of the year it’s operating in

  • Amount of time it’s operating every week

  • Cleanliness of the environment it’s situated in

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